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Timely and fair claim settlement to rebuild your business in the event of a loss is core to our role. We have an experienced claims team that will negotiate with insurers to expedite and obtain the best terms and facilitate all aspects of the claims process to ensure that you have the cash flows required to re-build your business.

Claims Control

Our role as a claims consultant is also to analyze the patterns of claims that your organization faces and advise you on how these claims can be minimized to reduce your overall premium outflow. Our engagement with the selection of the insurer, third-party administrator, loss surveyors and review of you internal processes help reduce claims ratios. These can be built in to the your risk management plans by determining frequently occurring claims and risk improvement processes that can be incorporated cost effectively to minimize occurrence of a loss.

Claims Resolution

We have strong relationships with the claims teams at the insurers and surveyors to support the client in complex or disputed claims and support the insured in claims escalation with insurers and with consumer forums.

Loss Minimisation Advice

In certain types of policies, particularly liability covers, where settlement time can be indefinitely delayed, we can facilitate settlement of claims on a commercial basis, which will help reduce legal and defence costs and time.

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