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Health Insurance A health insurance contract between the insurer and the insured is when the insurer agrees to pay hospitalisation expenses to the extent of an agreed sum insured in the event of any medical treatment arising out of an illness or an injury. At Infina, we have a specialist team to support corporate HR departments in the communication of product benefits to the employees. Some of the products of interest in this area are:

Group Health

With medical inflation rates soaring, this is one of the fast growing segments in the insurance business. Some highlights on these plans are:
Group size of 16 primary members. Group policies for 11 primary members are also available, but are more expensive
Group definition is important. Definition of primary member
  • Self
  • Self + Spouse
  • Self + Spouse + 2 Children
  • Self + Spouse + 2 Children + Dependent Parents
  • 24-hour hospitalisation mandatory, except for declared day care procedures such as chemotherapy, cataract, dialysis etc. where 24 hour hospitalisation is not mandatory
  • No age limit for entry
  • Pre existing conditions covered from Day 1
  • No medical tests
  • Any hospital of your choice – most major hospitals have cashless facility.

Options are available for

  • No disease wise limit
  • No room rent capping
  • 1 year / 2 year waiting period waived
  • 30 days waiting period waived
  • Maternity benefit can be covered from Day 1 (optional)
  • New born baby covered from Day 1
  • 30 days Pre and 60 days Post hospitalisation expenses covered
We also offer solution for individual health insurance, There are a number of specialised health insurance plans that can be offered depending on the individuals coverage requirements.

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