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Our team at Infina has detailed industry knowledge and the relevant expertise, skills and relationships to advise and place complex risks, by ensuring optimum pricing and coverage for our customers. Our Insurance Broking services comprise the following:

Product Underwriting

Insurance is a complex subject, with legal jargon and policy wordings that are often difficult to comprehend. At Infina, we spend most of our effort in determining the types of coverage with the relevant clauses and warranties that will ensure your risk is adequately protected.

Quotation Preparation and Submission

We prepare quote requirements in the form of ‘Requests for Quotations’ including specific wordings that the client requires for their nature of business. These quotes are submitted to multiple insurers in the market. We always consider the strengths of each insurer in a particular business line before submitting a quote them.

Quote Comparison

We receive quotes from insurers and then prepare a complete comparison for our clients with a cost-benefit analysis of the different quotes.

Cost Minimisation 

We will negotiate quotes on your behalf with Insurers to reduce costs for your existing insurance and ensure the right level of cover, to prevent underinsurance or overinsurance.

Product Advisory

There are several new products available in the market, including packaged policies that cover multiple risks under a single umbrella policy. There is a lot of product evolution in the property, transit, credit and employee benefits business lines and we provide you with a cost benefit analysis of current insurance vs. comprehensive package policies.

Insurer Selection

Insurer selection is key. When there is a claim it becomes most important to work with insurers that will support you in claims settlement. Each insurer has strengths in certain business lines and we will ensure that the right insurer is selected for the right risk at the right price.

Policy Servicing

Our clients are allocated dedicated teams for policy issuance, to manage additions, deletions and other alterations, endorsements to your policies and to facilitate policy renewals.

Claims Settlement

We have a team of experts who have a deep understanding of our client’s business and strong relationships with all insurers and surveyors for timely claims settlement. We also provide advice on claims prevention. For example, in the case of Group Health claims, we provide detailed claims analyses to help companies understand the nature of their employee claims and how they can be reduced through employee awareness


Employee communication is particularly relevant in certain product types, such as in Group Health policies. Our services include
  • Arranging communication campaigns with employees to help them understand the benefits of the group health policy, terms and conditions and claims process, etc.
  • Healthcare camps to check health status of your employees health
  • Periodic newsletters and informative materials on preventive healthcare
We assist employers in gradual reduction in health insurance claims; thereby reducing your health insurance premium cost without any changes in the existing features of your policy. Such value added services work as a great retention tool to manage your employee attrition rate.

Programme Simplification

Several companies have large amounts of fragmented insurance policies that are renewable at multiple dates, making it an administrative burden for the internal team. We propose to simplify the insurance administration by streamlining the policy renewals to a few key dates.

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